Self-Tape Submission

Submit yourself tape here! We can’t wait to see you on camera. 

Self-Tape Prep
  1. **Prepare Your Script/Scene:**

   – Carefully read and understand the script or scene you’re auditioning for.

   – Memorize your lines to ensure a smooth performance.


  1. **Select the Right Location:**

   – Choose a quiet, well-lit, and distraction-free space for recording.

   – Consider using a blank wall or a neutral backdrop for your self-tape.


  1. **Lighting:**

   – Use natural lighting whenever possible, positioning yourself facing a window.

   – If natural light is unavailable, invest in soft, diffused lighting sources to eliminate shadows.


  1. **Camera and Tripod:**

   – Use a high-quality camera, like a smartphone with a good camera, or a DSLR.

   – Place the camera on a stable tripod to ensure steady footage.


  1. **Framing:**

   – Position the camera at eye level and frame yourself from mid-chest to just above your head.

   – Ensure you have enough headroom and maintain a neutral background.

Self-Tape Filming Instructions
  1. **Sound Quality:**

   – Use an external microphone for the best audio quality. (optional)

   – Minimize background noise and echo by recording in a quiet space.


  1. **Wardrobe and Makeup:**

   – Dress in the appropriate attire for the character you’re auditioning for.

   – Apply makeup as needed, keeping it natural and character-appropriate.


  1. **Recording Settings:**

   – Set your camera to the highest resolution and frame rate available.

   – Ensure proper exposure and focus.


  1. **Rehearse and Record:**

   – Perform the scene multiple times to get comfortable with the material.

   – Record each take, ensuring you capture your best performance.

   – Record in landscape mode (horizontal).


  1. **Slate:**

    – Before each take, slate your name and the character’s name.

    – Make sure your face is well-lit and visible during the slate.

Self-Tape Submission
  1. **Editing:**

    – Edit your self-tape to include only your best takes.

    – Add the slate at the beginning of each clip.

    – Use video editing software to enhance the lighting and audio if necessary.

  1. **File Format:**

    – Save your self-tape in a common video format, like MP4.

    – Keep the file size manageable for easy sharing.

  1. **Naming Convention:**

    – Name your self-tape file with your name and the character’s name for easy identification. (optional)

  1. **Submit Your Self-Tape:**

    – Follow the submission guidelines provided by our casting department.

    – Upload the self-tape to a secure platform or send it through the specified method.

  1. **Label Your Submission:**

    – Clearly label your email or submission with your name, the character’s name, and the project title.

  1. **Deadline and Follow-Up:**

    – Submit your self-tape well before the deadline.

  1. **Backup Your Files:**

    – Always keep a backup copy of your self-tape in case it’s needed later.

Remember that the quality of your self-tape can significantly impact your chances of landing a role, so take your time to create the best possible audition tape. Additionally, be sure to follow any specific instructions or preferences provided by the casting company or director.

Submission Form

Headshot or Current Photo of Yourself
Self Tape: We accept videos uploaded to (youtube.com or viemo, google drive, dropbox ect. )